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Go+ is the go to entity to help transform your enterprise with is revolutionary services. We provide quality solutions to encompass hardware and software needs for numerous applications. GO+ can help you develop the efficient system you need to capitalize on your time and money.

Traffic Management Solution

Corporations need communication between its departments and that is what GO+ provides through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

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Access Control

Control flow of personnel and products through secure access control systems. Whether in open domains or closed building, access controls assures that only the correct entity should occupy that space.

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Asset Management

Through applying our RFID system, a smaller and more efficient collective of individuals can manage assets in every sector such as housing, health, warehousing and any other form of product control.

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RFID tags, readers, antennas and handheld devices are available for effective warehouse organization by assimilating with the space and products being tracked.

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Software Solutions

We cater and design software solutions for any system to be developed in an entity or an enterprise to manage all aspects of their business or institution through a seamless and simple digital platform.

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Marketing Intelligence Platform

A knowledge of the market developments is crucial to give the necessary edge for businesses to grow, and GO+ has the tool necessary to aid businesses in that growth.

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Payment Systems

Software for payment has become an integral part of entities in order to keep information in-house, safe and accessible to all relevant individuals.

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Reporting and Analytics

To heighten the capabilities of existing systems and create the necessary correlation needed from data and information being provided from market and company processes.

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Digital Archiving

Turn your business green while maintaining the safety and security of your entities’ information.

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Vehicle Inspections and Driver Learning Services

Great roads, vehicles and drivers are the three main elements that create the platform for safe and efficient transportation.

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Courier Services

Courier Management System is a complete and integrated system that manages the end to end operation of various courier activities.

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