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GO+ is the ultimate software and technology haven providing catered systems for all platforms and sectors. Through digitizing and creating efficient systems, GO+ provides a wide array of products and services that diminishes waste on numerous fronts.

Since its inception in 2013, Go+ has provided innovative and creative solutions that allow for digital transformations in any sector with a focus on logistics and road transportation, with both the digital and hardware infrastructure to support the relevant systems of our clients. GO+ has been able to provide quality results to both the public and private sector through an ambitious and highly developed team.


Go+ is determined to provide digital solutions to all public and private sector entities to aid in their processes through simple development of technology and software to reduce the waste of time and resources. Through a variety of services and tech solutions, we have the ability to install the necessary infrastructure and design key software to help businesses and public entities leap into the future. Through data and information gathering, GO+ provides the strategic solutions to maximize efficiency for market growth and development. With a stronghold in Egypt, GO+ has expanded into other regions globally to drive technical innovations to improve the output of any entity it helps develop.


GO+ promises to increase global market efficiency and help improve public life by providing digital hardware and software solutions to enterprises and institutions across the globe.

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