Next Gen Solutions

Our Solutions are based on the latest technology to minimize cost and set up time, Cloud provide a great level flexibility and security...

RFID Traffic Managment Solution

A complete state of the art solution that utilize the RFID technology, OCR technology and high level software and database development to deliver a complete traffic management solution.

Smart Marketing Intelligence Solution

In this day of age expanding market share and maximize efficiency are key factor for any business success. Having an intelligent system that collect and analyse marketing data through various channels help business in various way.

Smart Courier Management System

Go Plus Courier Management System is a complete and integrated system that manages the end to end operation of various courier activities, The system utilizes smart phone apps to interact with client and mange runners in addition to fully developed back end and management interface.

Vehicle Testing Centers

The vehicle testing centers solutions contains all necessary and mandatory vehicle testing requires by all regulatory bodies world wide.​

On top of delivering the world's best equipment, Go Plus solution has a complete managing software the provide end to end process along with vehicle owner data and tests frequency and history.

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