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Marketing Intelligence Platform

In this day of age expanding market share and maximize efficiency are key factor for any business success. Having an intelligent system that collect and analyse marketing data through various channels help business in various way.

Go Plus Marketing Intelligence platform is a cloud based platform that merge all business departments with a focus on marketing performance.

Cloud Based

The platform was developed to rely on the modern cloud environment, this increase the level of security and accessibility to all of the platform modules and systems.

Business Logic

The platform comes ready with the most common business logic to handle events automatically, however this can be added upon or changed based on clients needs

Web Apps

All the interfaces of the platform are web based, this cuts huge investment costs needed for high performance PCs to run desktop applications efficiently also the web is more familiar to larger masses.

Live Data

The entirety of the system operates in real time mode means each change reflect everywhere and each update or new introduction propagate to all modules with no need to push or download updates.

System Modules

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