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Go Plus Courier Service

​Go Plus provide a full suite courier services in Egypt. This goes from standard delivery to cash collection and bad debt collection.

Our service rely on utilizing high end technology and leverage our in house capabilities to perform seamless operations and on time delivery.

Courier Services

Personal Delivery

Personal Delivery - GO Plus provides personal delivery for all types of small size shipments (Parcels, Banking Cards, Etc...). We are specialized in delivering your documents or package to your recipient anywhere across the country. We do it hand by hand, securely, safe and confidential with full tracking for your shipment.

Cash on Delivery

Cash On Delivery- COD concept allows the purchaser to pay when he receives the shipment. Through GO Plus, we deposit all the collected amount at the client’s bank account daily or weekly or as requested. GO Plus can, also, manage the cash amount, check and visa cards with full tracking.


GO Plus assigns a dedicated team to pick up and deliver all documents between the branches and head offices as per the client’s schedule. We can also assign indoor employees team in the head office to handle all mailing shipments with full tracking and automated track for pickup and delivery.

 Mass delivery of statement

GO Plus manages the delivery of your mass invoice statements across Egypt with economical rate and high standard of quality with full tracking and automated delivery.

Bad Debts Collection

In addition to the regular cash collection, GOPLUS provides logistical and legal assistance to Egyptian economic entities in the assertion of financial claims, debt recovery and the problems that occurs due to stoppages in payment. We provide a low-cost, fast method for recovering your money. Our objective is to assure a ‘soft’ amicable negotiations, which, while guaranteeing the retention of positive relations with the contracting party, contribute to the maintenance of financial flows at the creditor and to keep the negotiations ‘out-of-court’ as much as possible, however we can afford escalating the legal procedures with the delinquent debtors if needed.


The process of bad debt collection includes clustering data, sending friendly letters, conducting calls to follow up through our call center, door-to-door collection, and sending official warning letters.

Customer to Customer - C2C

Manage your monthly bills or invoices to be collected on time in order to properly maintain your cash flow. GO Plus offers you an easy and effective collection process empowered by advanced equipment, automated workflows, methodologies and very skilled and knowledgeable staff.

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